LIPHA for Long-Term Care delivers innovative training for nursing, practical nursing, and health-care aide students and team members in long-term care (LTC).

Now more than ever, there is an urgent need to attract, train, and retain nurses and health care aides in LTC. LIPHA for LTC aims to support workforce education, recruitment and retention in this sector. 

Home care worker with elderly patient

Improve the relational care capacity and competence of your students and team members in LTC.

LIPHA for LTC is a software application that integrates simulation, case and narrative-based learning in a serious game world, wherein teams and individuals can safely practice inter-professional caring for virtual LTC residents and care partners.

Who is LIPHA for?

LIPHA for LTC is for current or future nurse or healthcare aide interested in pursuing a career in this sector. 

Post-Secondary Nursing Education

If your college or university is looking to expand options for gerontological nursing education, LIPHA for LTC provides a virtual, high-calibre training solution for both nursing and practical nursing students. Packages include:

  • Year 1: 20 hours with 90 simulacra and 8 simulations
  • Senior: 35 hours with 90 simulacra and 24 case simulations

Healthcare Aide Education

LIPHA offers a safe, practical and effective approach to training Healthcare Aides, Personal Support Workers (PSW) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) with detailed simulations and real-world cases. Packages include:

  • Year 1: 20 hours with 90 simulacra and 8 case simulations
  • Senior: 30 hours with 90 simulacra and 21 case simulations

Long-Term Care Home Onboarding of New Hires

Support recruitment and retention in your LTC home. Modernize orientation and training with LIPHA for LTC, a platform to improve the capacity, competence, and ultimately, the retention of high performance LTC teams. Packages include:

  • Healthcare Aide: 14 hours wth 21 case simulations
  • Nursing: 16 hours wth 24 case simulations

What does LIPHA for LTC do?

LIPHA is an immersive, 80–level serious educational game that is ready out of the box for your learners to enjoy and learn.  With an engaging story, a fully developed game economy and extensive management reporting and analytics, LIPHA provides a safe, virtual learning environment for students and team members of in LTC.

See what LIPHA for LTC can provide for your students or team members

"The Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation at Baycrest and our partners are excited to offer long-term care team members and students an easy to access, high quality virtual training solution to ensure residents receive excellence in care,"
Dr. David Conn MB, FRCPC
Vice President, Education, Baycrest
Group of nursing students on LIPHA app

The LIPHA Advantage

LIPHA Benefits

Accelerated onboarding and training experiences focused on best practices, relational care, safety, and teamwork

Flexible, accessible, 24/7 learning with access on any desktop, laptop, or mobile

Evidence-informed, case-based simulations and (Ontario CLRI designed) resources

Instant feedback for learners

"I loved the information that's actually there. If you get the wrong answers, you would also get a feedback that that was the wrong answer, and you would actually try to research more. It would give you time to actually learn about that error that you committed."
LIPHA Student

Raquel Meyer Ph.D., R.N.

Director, Ontario CLRI at Baycrest
Educational Innovationist & Applied Researcher

Dr. David Chandross, Ph.D.

 Digital Gameworld Design and Senior Scholar at Ryerson University 

The LIPHA Team

Our diverse team of entrepreneurial, creative, out-of-the-box thinkers and experts are fully committed to our customer’s success.

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