What are the key benefits of LIPHA for Long-Term Care (LTC)?

LIPHA for LTC Benefits

Virtual preceptoring experience focused on best practices, relational care, safety, and teamwork

20-hour package for new nursing students with 8 case simulations and introductory materials

35-hour package for senior nursing students with 90 simulacra and 24 case simulations

Evidence-informed, case-based simulations and (Ontario CLRI designed) resources

Flexible, accessible, 24/7 learning with access on any desktop, laptop, or mobile

Instant feedback for learners, and an administrative dashboard to monitor learner progress

"I'm already interested in this field of nursing, so I would say it has only enhanced my interest because the practice– the care practice from my country to here is different, but the primary concern is patient safety, so yeah. So, I would say that the approaches might be different, but the goal is the same."
LIPHA Student

More Features and Benefits

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