Meet the team behind LIPHA

Our diverse team of entrepreneurial, creative out-of-the-box thinkers and experts are fully committed to our customer’s success. Working together with one collaborative spirit, we recognize each team member as being integral to our success.

Raquel Meyer, Ph.D., R.N.

Director, Ontario Centres for Learning, Research & Innovation in Long-Term Care at Baycrest, Baycrest Academy for Research and Education

An established education leader, innovationist, researcher and clinician with 25 years of applied research experience on the impact of learning and human resources on quality, safety and performance outcomes in healthcare.

David Chandross, Ph.D.

Digital Gameworld Design and Senior Scholar at Ryerson University

David is a researcher and designer in the field of gamification, game worlds and mixed reality in professional education and training. He holds a doctorate in the field of curriculum design in higher education and masters degrees in cognitive neuroscience and medical education.

Klaus Rubba on a white background

Klaus Rubba

Chief Solutions Officer at Launch57

With over 2 decades experience in enterprise development and 10+ years’ experience developing and publishing several successful apps to mobile platforms. Klaus oversees product strategy, user experience, development roadmap and marketing.

Ian Halliday

Executive Director – Business Development for Launch57

A veteran of the technology industry, Ian has owned and operated several software and consulting companies. A visionary leader, with superior EQ, Ian embraces the challenge of
transforming organizations and leading new, innovative products and services to market. Ian leads the business development initiatives for LIPHA and is Program Manager of the relationship with The Baycrest Academy.

Graham Murray

President and CEO – Launch57

Graham Murray’s strengths are in his vision, executive leadership, company building and
passion for information technology. Graham leads Launch57’s growth, strategic direction, and corporate development. Launch57 is a SaaS Product Company proudly focused on improving the lives of those around us through gamified Learning and responsible gaming principles toward humanitarian goals. 

LIPHA Partners

LIPHA is the result of an ongoing, multi-year collaboration between The Baycrest Academy for Research and Innovation, The Ontario Centres for Learning, Research & Innovation in Long-Term Care (CLRI) and Launch57 Inc.

Together, these organizations provide the underlying technology platform, compelling narrative, game design and evidence-informed, case-based simulations and (Ontario CLRI designed) learning resources.

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