Increase Your Students’ Interest and Confidence in Gerontology and Long-Term Care

LIPHA, the Learning Inter-Professionally Healthcare Accelerator, is an educational technology that integrates simulation-, case-, team- and story-based learning in a serious meta-simulation game world. LIPHA for Long-Term Care (LTC) was developed with stakeholders, including educators, as a joint initiative of the Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in LTC, Baycrest, and the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation. LIPHA is powered by Launch57 and integrated with Surge Learning. 

LIPHA delivers curated, evidence-based education to accelerate learning and augment clinical placements. Students safely explore, rehearse and receive instant feedback on self-paced, scaffolded learning activities. The game economy, engagement loops and rewards encourage learners to keep playing to deepen specialized care competencies. The game world and narrative foster a coherent growth experience for learners. 

Last year, Ontario nursing and personal support students piloted LIPHA for LTC by completing simulacra, simulated cases, mini-games, fact sheets and videos with quizzes, eLearning and other activities to develop their gerontological, inter-professional and relational care competencies.  

The evaluation revealed that learners were mostly or very satisfied. Nearly 75% were already applying what they had learned. Although not ‘mandatory’ for all students, 87% successfully completed LIPHA for LTC. 

A student stated, “this elevated our expectation of learning because whenever you play a game, […] the Carthage for example […] you are also learning along the way.” A faculty member stated, “I see value in LIPHA…I will use this opportunity to test out a potential prerequisite to our course.” 

Students self-reported increased confidence in: 

  • responding to residents with compassion 
  • assessing risk and urgency 
  • developing person-centred care plans 
  • understanding their role on the team, and  
  • recognizing the signs and symptoms of various geriatric health conditions.  

Learners also shared that LIPHA increased their interest in gerontology.  

One student stated, “I’m already interested in this field of nursing, so I would say [the Carthage game] has only enhanced my interest.” Another student highlighted, “The game helps me a lot in communication […] I learned skills and knowledge on how to communicate with not just the patient or the client, but also with the relatives and the carers of those older adults.” 

After a successful pilot, LIPHA is now available with added features, an upgraded user interface and as a new micro-credential version! Student and stakeholder feedback have been crucial to these improvements. Learn more about LIPHA by watching our introductory video or schedule a personalized introduction to LIPHA by contacting us through the “Book a Demo” button at 

With renewed Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care funding, Ontario schools can now access 6,000 free registrations for nursing and personal support students. Students can also self-register at for the free 8-hour micro-credential to build their résumé! 

For schools and students outside of Ontario, please contact us through the “Book a Demo” button at 

The team is excited to share LIPHA for LTC – an innovative educational technology to strengthen student readiness for LTC and to optimize the quality of care and living for older adults.