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What is included


full case simulations




skill building activities

Nursing Students in Ontario

Unlock free access to LIPHA and complete the program for a resume-boosting certificate from the Ontario CLRI at Baycrest.

Here’s what you can expect

As a learner, you are guided through different levels, cases, and simulations; earning rewards as you progress. You are given hints and compete with other learners through a leaderboard. Apply what you learn to real-world resident simulations developed by the highly qualified team at the Ontario CLRI at Baycrest.  

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What topics are covered?

Course content, rules and storyline were created with the latest practice recommendations by industry leading PhDs in nursing education, learning and game design.

Welcome to Long-Term Care

Common Care Experiences

Activities of Daily Living

What students are saying...

LIPHA is the serious educational game that has been transforming nursing education in the gerontology space.


Schools are using LIPHA

Post secondary Nursing Institutions are using LIPHA to provide practical career prep for Long-Term Care positions.


Current count of learners using LIPHA across Ontario.

75% of learners are already applying learned competencies.

Another 20% intend to apply.


Why learn in a game?​

LIPHA delivers important gerontology content in different ways than the typical classroom.

Game-based learning activates the rewards centres in the brain, and story based learning connects content to emotions.

Video, auditory and visual learners are all supported here, and have greater levels of retention and success.

You have nothing to lose!

If you’re a Nursing student, you can unlock access to LIPHA for free. To register, please confirm whether you are in Ontario or out of province. 

Don’t miss your chance to hone your skills in Long-Term Care, and boost your resume with this certified course from the Ontario CLRI at Baycrest.

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You have nothing to lose!

If you’re a nursing student in Ontario, you can unlock free access to LIPHA for a limited time.  Don’t miss your chance to hone your skills in Long-Term Care, and boost your resume with this certified course from the Ontario CLRI at Baycrest.